Monday, 6 March 2017

Can we go to Clachna Ben again? by Adam Parry

Can we go to Clachna Ben again?

All the hills and mountains
I never climbed are still there
They cannot care if I am man,
woman or mouse.
They wait, still,
under this sun, the same sun
shining as we struggled up
Clachna Ben.
Virgin again
pages unwritten. Suddenly I know what I was missing-
all those hills and mountains  I never climbed
I climbed again and again.
Always climbing but when will we go again
to Clachna Ben?


  1. Really like this. It says (to me) anyway, that there are days and days, (the banal cafes) all the unclimbed mountains, and then there is the special moment, the Clachna Ben. And it's just after reading this, which I'd quite forgotten posting, years ago anyway - - and it's only when I read about Emily the cat that I remember where I was...

  2. I like it too - very wistful.